Copy testing is the pits

Growth teams don’t test copy as much as they know they should.

Copy testing takes too long. One A/B test can take 2-3 weeks to run to significance and generates just one learning. Companies that are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on paid ads lose out on opportunities to find real wins.

Copy testing is manual. You’ve got dozens of ads, landing pages and customer segments that you have to sync up, which makes it impractical at scale. Even with the help of ChatGPT.

Copy testing requires coordinating a lot of teams (e.g. engineering, brand, design, marketing ops) which slows things down.

Copy testing is demoralizing if you’re the one tasked with doing it. 75% of your copy tests will fail. Sorry.

About us

Turning lemons into lemonade

We built Copybara to help growth teams stop wondering “what are we not testing?”, do more copy testing and accumulate wins over time. With Copybara, you can run and learn from hundreds of ad and landing page copy tests in days. A system that keeps churning out winners without needing engineering. Cheers to that.

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Our Investors

Copybara is backed by Pear, Founder Collective and 186 Ventures with notable angels including founders and executives from Tableau, Adobe and Flywire.

Automate your copy testing. Churn out winning ads and landing pages.Accumulate wins over time.

You should be testing more

Oftentimes we are busy doing more complicated things and there are a lot of wins that we probably overlook.
Mark Fernandes
Senior Director, Jobcase
Easy way to justify spending time on the copy stuff and accumulate wins over time.
Jesse Curran
Senior Growth Marketing Analyst, Jobcase

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