Optimized, Personalized copy. Automatically.

Boost your conversion rate effortlessly. Our AI powered Bandit lets you move faster with less traffic. Grow faster with less effort. Keep your team focused on the next big thing.

Watch Causal Bandit automatically optimize a landing page

Move faster

Never code a copy test again

Using your engineering team to build copy tests doesn’t make sense. Our platform allows you to run infinite copy tests with zero engineering effort.

Get significant test results twice as fast
Traditional AB Tests require a lot of traffic to be statistically significant. Our solution works for small sites, and gets you to a winner faster.
Personalized to key audience segments
There is no perfect copy for every audience. We automatically segment your audience, and generate copy that is personalized to each segment.
Stay ahead with instant adjustments and immediate insights.
Our platform dynamically adapts to user behavior, ensuring your landing pages remain optimized in real-time. Gain deeper insights into what resonates with your audience without the wait.
Zero-effort Optimization. No engineers needed!
Automatically generate copy variations with our AI-powered copy generator -- No engineers needed! Our model learns directly from your site visitors what works, and what does not. Continous improvement with zero effort.

Frequently asked questions

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How does the Infinite Copy Tests feature work?
Our AI-powered copy generator creates an endless array of copy variations. The model then learns in real-time from interactions with site visitors, determining which variations perform best. It allows for consistent and automatic refinement of your landing pages without manual intervention.
Why is your solution better than traditional AB Tests?
Traditional AB Tests require a significant amount of traffic to produce statistically valid results. Many smaller sites don't have this kind of traffic. Our solution is designed to work effectively even with less traffic, delivering faster, more reliable outcomes.
What do you mean by 'personalized to key audience segments'?
A single piece of copy might not resonate with everyone. Our system identifies distinct segments within your audience and tailors copy specifically to each group. This means more targeted, relevant, and engaging content for different types of visitors.
How does the Real-Time Optimization and Insights benefit function?
Instead of waiting for periodic reports or manual adjustments, our platform continuously monitors user interactions and behavior. As patterns emerge, the landing page content adapts in real-time to maintain optimum performance. Additionally, users can access immediate insights to understand their audience's preferences better.
How do you ensure the AI-generated copy aligns with my brand voice?
We have tools and settings that allow users to guide and train the AI on specific brand guidelines, tone, and style. Over time, the AI learns and aligns more closely with the desired brand voice, ensuring consistency across all generated content.
How quickly can I expect to see results with your platform?
Results can often be observed within the first few days of implementation as the AI begins to refine and optimize copy.
How does your platform handle user data and privacy?
User privacy is a top priority for us. Our system is designed to analyze behavioral patterns without collecting or storing personally identifiable information. All data is anonymized and processed in compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and other major data protection regulations.
Who is the ideal user for this product?
Growth teams looking to quickly elevate their conversion rates without manual testing hassles. Regardless of your traffic volume, our platform will help you optimize your landing pages with real-time personalization.

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