Spend time on copy testing without spending time on copy testing
Copybara’s AI model generates copy variations based on your brand and legal guidelines and automatically shifts traffic to your winning copy. No engineers required.
Copy generation based on your brand and legal guidelines
Coming up with your own copy, even with the help of ChatGPT, is slow, manual, and impractical at scale. Copybara generates hundreds of copy options on the fly based on your brand and legal guidelines. Approve or reject any copy, but only if you want.
Copy optimization shifts traffic to your winning copy
Exploit the wins faster and run more tests over time by going beyond A/B testing. Copybara shifts traffic to winning copy options and turns off the fails.
Continuous learning over time
Copybara automatically learns what copy resonates the best with your target audience and generates new copy based on conversion data.
Personalize copy by audience and channel
Your Google audience is different from your TikTok audience. Customize the user experience and language style based on segment, ad campaign and marketing channel. Because copy that feels more personal converts better.
Consistent messaging from ad to landing page
It’s a confusing experience when an ad and landing page don’t communicate the same message. Copybara syncs your landing page copy to the ad copy so your audience sees a cohesive story and is more likely to take action.
Easy to launch
Simply share your marketing channels, brand and legal guidelines during onboarding, add the Copybara script tag to your landing page(s), and we’re off to the races.
Data privacy
The data we use is anonymous and aggregated, and we don’t collect or store any PII. And no, your data isn’t being leaked to LLMs.

You should be testing more

Oftentimes we are busy doing more complicated things and there are a lot of wins that we probably overlook.
Mark Fernandes
Senior Director, Jobcase
Easy way to justify spending time on the copy stuff and accumulate wins over time.
Jesse Curran
Senior Growth Marketing Analyst, Jobcase

Automate your copy testing. Churn out winning ads and landing pages.Accumulate wins over time.

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